Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Geotechnical Drilling, & Soil Testing Services

DEC Engineering, Inc. & Earthworks Geotechnical, Inc. provides Civil Engineering Services, Environmental Consultation, Geotechnical Drilling, & Soil Testing in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Our base of operations is located at 2467 Centerville Road Tallahassee, Florida 32308.

Our services include Mechanical Design, Building Repair/Renovation, Piling Risers, Structural Design, Special Foundations, Foundation Repair, Project Feasibility Studies, Wind Load Analysis, Site Inspections, Site Plans, State, Local and Federal Permitting, Electrical Designs, On-Site Septic System Design, Plumbing Designs, Stormwater Mitigation Design, Building Plans, Retaining Walls, Proctors, Level 3 Septic Soil Surveys, Compaction (Density) Tests, Environmental Phase I & II (ESA), Standard Penetrations, Flood Letters, Dynamic Cone Penetrations, Atterburg Limits, Double Ring Infiltrometer, Soil Borings, Environmental Drilling & Sampling, Sieve Analyses, Nuclear Tests, Organic Content Tests.