Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Geotechnical Drilling, & Soil Testing Services

DEC Engineering, Inc. & Earthworks Geotechnical, Inc. provides Civil Engineering Services, Environmental Consultation, Geotechnical Drilling, & Soil Testing in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Our base of operations is located at 2467 Centerville Road Tallahassee, Florida 32308.

Our services include Piling Risers, Project Feasibility Studies, Site Plans, Special Foundations, Wind Load Analysis, Structural Design, Retaining Walls, Mechanical Design, Building Repair/Renovation, Stormwater Mitigation Design, State, Local and Federal Permitting, Electrical Designs, Building Plans, On-Site Septic System Design, Plumbing Designs, Site Inspections, Foundation Repair, Environmental Phase I & II (ESA), Dynamic Cone Penetrations, Proctors, Soil Borings, Nuclear Tests, Organic Content Tests, Level 3 Septic Soil Surveys, Flood Letters, Sieve Analyses, Atterburg Limits, Compaction (Density) Tests, Double Ring Infiltrometer, Standard Penetrations, Environmental Drilling & Sampling.